Why Is There A Need For Dog Doors?


When shopping for a dog door for your pet, you need to have information on how it will affect the security of your home once it is installed. Traditional dog doors are very often just a frame on a wall or under a door. Even when they are made of some sort of sterner material, still there are security worries that many owners have. Here are 3 major factors that must be taken into mind when you are buying a dog door for your pet.

Number 1. How big the door is?

A constant worry about these doors is their size. If for example you have big dogs, then most likely, a small individual could squeeze in. That small person can be your kid, someone else in your family, or perhaps a thief. You would not want your child to be stuck there for sure as it may possibly cause injury. Also, there is the worry of other animals doing as they please going in and out of your house. If you could at least restrict the door’s height to your dog, then you can limit intruders for sure.

Number 2. Placement of the dog door.

Despite the fact that it appears to be convenient to put the best dog door on the front door, that basically announces that there is a small and less secure entry point to your house. It may be ideal and safer to install the door on the back of your door which typically leads to the backyard. Keep in mind not to give burglars or any other potential intruders the idea where they can enter your house.

Number 3. What kind you need?

Some of the traditional flap doors come with sterner or flaps made materials instead of plastics. There are several lock settings to be chosen from as well. The door could be set to swing open outwards, inwards or only one direction and it gets locked. This one-sided setting has both benefits and drawbacks of course. Know more about dogs in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog#Origin.

Such lock setting might keep your pet outside or lock them indoors, do you really like to risk an accident and then, leave the dog outside for the whole night? Automatic dog door on the other hand is a long term investment in both dog and home safety. Your dog is wearing a special type of collar that is detected by the door so it automatically opens up when your dog is near. Visit this homepage for more info!


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